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Kiseido Digital Bookshelf puts English-language go classics from the masters at your digital fingertips! All you need is a computer with Adobe Reader software. This is the an invaluable addition to the go library of you or your loved one.

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Windows, Linux, or Mac OS


Adobe Reader

Books on Bookshelf One

  • What's Your Rating?, by Miyamoto Naoki: 50 full-board problems with detailed explanations.
  • Kato's Attack and Kill, by Kato Masao. Fundamentals, problems, and game commentaries on Kato-style middle-game fighting.
  • Enclosure Josekis, by Takemiya Masaki. Dictionary of josekis for attacking and defending corner enclosures, an oft-overlooked topic.
  • All About Thickness, by Ishida Yoshio. An easy-to-understand, visual explanation of the crucial concept of thickness.
  • The Breakthrough to Shodan, by Miyamoto Naoki. Commentaries on three- and four-stone handicap games for the low-kyu player.