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Our mission: Offer the best go content in the world in digital form.

Our products:

  • Kiseido Digital Books: a growing library of interactive go ebooks, available on Kindle, iBookStore and other fine ebookstores
  • Go World Archive: over 30 years and 7,000 pages of premier go content available in digital form
  • Go Review Archive: the classic go magazine of the 60s and 70s in digital form
  • Kiseido Digital Bookshelf: Digital verions of the best go books from Kiseido's collection, most out-of-print

Kiseido Digital was founded with a single-minded vision: to enhance the accessiblity and usability of go content by making it available digitally.

As an arm of Kiseido Publishing, the pioneer and leader in printed English-language go books and magazines, we have the raw materials, the resources, and the expertise to provide the best digitally-accessible go content in the world.

Our flagship product is Go World Archive, an unparalleled collection of top quality go materials in digital form, including game commentaries, problems, news, and artticles. We also offer Go Review Archive, the entire 17 years and 15,000 pages of Go Review, the predecessor to Go World, in digital forms. Kiseido Digital Bookshelf One is five great go books in PDF format.

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